Benefits of Training

You will practice on real patients in a real clinical environment, so you will not only become highly skilled and soar in confidence, but you will experience everyday duties of a Phlebotomist.
With your Certificate of Competency, you are in a much stronger position to negotiate a higher salary, which over the typical Phlebotomy career can add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds of income.
The benefits of getting properly trained are extremely compelling, and training is an investment in your future that will start to pay off almost immediately, but you should be aware that all Phlebotomy  training courses are NOT the same.

Does this course give me a nationally recognised certificate?

We issue you with a Nationally Recognised Certificate. It is entirely at the discretion of an individual employer as to whether they choose to accept a specific qualification.

Currently there are no governing bodies for Phlebotomist within the UK. Our course is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in Phlebotomy and therefore may give you a strategic advantage when applying for Phlebotomy posts (for example NHS Pay Band 2 phlebotomy jobs).

Many of our students have secured Phlebotomy jobs following the successful completion of our course and this has led to prospective employees requesting a specific reference from us.

Please Note;
The aim is ensure that by the end of this training session every student should be competent and will be awarded a certification of competency. However, if your assessor is not satisfied with your overall performance and understanding of Phlebotomy you may not be awarded a certificate. Therefore, further training maybe recommended ensuring quality.

Will this training help me get a job afterwards?

Nearly all applicants for junior Phlebotomist’s posts in the UK, especially in the NHS, have no previous experience or qualifications. By achieving this award and including it on your CV, you will have shown that you have already made a significant commitment towards training, and will have an advantage over other applicants.

This award will improve your chances of securing a junior Phlebotomy post (Pay Band 2) within the NHS. Once you have gained more experience with patients you will be able to apply for the better paid posts available elsewhere, including the private sector, or self-employed.