Course Structure

The Theory Training consists of:
Understanding of the basics of Phlebotomy, Legal aspects of Phlebotomy, Infection control/prevention and Health and Safety.

The Practical training consists of:
Live Blood Sessions that are held on a one to one basis at a NHS Phlebotomy clinic.

Candidates will learn how to use the Vacutainer, Butterfly system and the S-Monovette used to obtain blood samples. Candidates take blood from real patients and not dummy arms or dry lab under the supervision of the trainer for doctors and nurses. The trainee receives a Certificate of Competence at this point in the training if the trainer is content with proficiency of the trainee.

As the leading experts for Phlebotomy Training, we at Slough Phlebotomy Training Centre are committed to providing our students with outstanding results. Not only are our courses informative and professional, but we also ensure that our candidates have fun and enjoy their time learning with us.

Although our pass rate is very high, students who have not completed their competency may require further training at a discounted rate. Our courses are tailored specially to meet the needs of any learner.

From beginners looking to find work, experienced healthcare professionals, medical students, medical researchers, Sports Scientists, and healthcare professionals coming from abroad to look for UK certification.



Please Note;

The aim is ensure that by the end of this training session every student should be competent and will be awarded a certification of competency. However, if your assessor is not satisfied with your overall performance and understanding of Phlebotomy you may not be awarded a certificate. Therefore, further training maybe recommended ensuring quality.