Thank you, thank you, and thank you! The past 2 weeks have been one of the most amazing times of my life. Not only have you taught me Phlebotomy but also strength and positivity of which has been missing from my life until meeting you.
I feel sad that I will no longer need to make the daily trip to slough.      – Zarna Dhorajiya,  Harrow


I have attended a 2-day course with another company but it did not give me the confidence required.The practical experience I gained through slough Phlebotomy training Centre made me feel confident and competent.
Thank you so much.    – Karan Kaur,  Slough


It gave me confidence and determination to get back into phlebotomy. I hadn’t taken blood for over 20 years and so many things have changed.      – Shirley, Newbury

This was what I was looking for; I have bleed over 100 patients on the two-week Course. Thank you I am amazed how far I have come.       – Shivani, Slough

All training provided was practical and delivered on a 1:1 basis over the duration of the course I benefited a lot in confidence and how to deal with real situations, patients and veins         – Zora, Harrow

The trainers are so much fun and very informative. Such a nice, friendly class with a great atmosphere. Thanks heaps.        – Luke, south end on sea



An excellent course and very informative. I would definitely recommend it.      – Alison, Birmingham